PROFILPAK stands for Products Filling and Packaging Company... which has been solving the problems and fulfilling specialized contract and private label packaging needs for many Fortune 500 clients for more than half a century. We are certified by the State of Illinois.
Specializing in packaging:
Silicones   Greases
Heat Sinks   RTVs
Dielectric   Lubricants
Adhesives   Fluids
Hi-Viscosity   Oils
  Profilpak regularly works with engineering, parts, service, marketing and manufacturing departments in developing pre-packaged lubricants & adhesives.
  Profilpak develops packages that fit your needs so that you'll never have to buy or supply products in unnecessarily large or costly amounts.
  Profilpak's designs make sense: consumers find them easy to use... and they're designed to last.
  Profilpak fills orders fast, whether they're small or large.
  Profilpak works hand in hand with companies, introducing new products that require accessory packages of lubricants or adhesives.
  Profilpak has decades of experience in getting new packaging projects off the ground. If you've got a product just waiting for a package, Profilpak's your answer.
  Profilpak can supply the complete item per your specifications, or any part thereof. You pay only for the finished product.
  We distribute many products, including silicones.

1151 N. Ellsworth Ave., Villa Park, IL 60181
Tel: 630-833-9700 Fax: 630-833-9703
Toll Free: 800-559-1163